9 Bars in Manchester Where You Can Enjoy an Amazing Night Out

So Do You Know Any Cool Bars in Manchester?

Going out is a big deal. The choice of venue does not only dictate how your night if going to go, but it also says something about yourself and about your preferences. When it comes to going out, some people can only go for the coolest, newest and hottest places. And there are a lot of such places in Manchester, so option-wise you are covered.
But what do you do when there are too many choices? We have made a list with 9 bars. See if any of them looks like a place you would like to spend a night out at.

9 bars in Manchester you could try at your next outing

1. Kosmonaut

The Kosmonaut bar is unique in itself. Most elements of interior design, although inspired from the New York bar scene, have a story of their own. The place used to be an old cotton warehouse and the bare brick walls, stripped of paint coating, reveal this.
The furniture and the lighting is all reconditioned and fitted. Art exhibitions are held here and there are ping-pong leagues if you are into this kind of stuff. As far as music goes, it has some pretty cool DJ sets.

2. Epernay

Epernay is a fancy cocktail bar. There are over 80 cocktails served on location by award-winning mixologists. You can enjoy a simple night out, have a corporate or a private event and enjoy all the nice things this elegant bar has to offer. The view is a plus as the glass lounge overlooks the Deansgate area.

3. Cane and Grain

http://www.caneandgrain.co.uk/ – Inside the Manchester Cane and Grain bar

This bar spreads on three floors, each with a different vibe. There is a Rib Joint on the ground floor, a cocktail bar at the first floor and the Liars Lounge party third floor. The place is an interesting mix of odd elements like stuffed squirrels, copper bar tops, antique glassware and skateboards. And in this crazy mixture you find some of the best bartenders, a fine beverage selection and good food. That’s what is keeping it packed.

4. Cloud 23

Image source: http://www.cloud23bar.com/ – View from the Cloud 23 bar in Manchester

This Manchester bar is located on the 23rd floor of the Hilton Beetham Tower. It is a sophisticated sky bar that offers an amazing view of the city, some of the finest cocktails and service from some of the best trained industry professionals. Expect to get a bit dizzy when you get up there. Also, expect a line because the place is quite popular and in high demand.

5. Revolucion de Cuba

Image source: http://www.revoluciondecuba.com/ – Inside the Revolucion de Cuba Manchester bar

Rum, premium rum, salsa, amazing cocktails, salsa and an overall great vibe. This is what the Revolucion the Cuba Manchester bar has to offer. And if you are not a dancer but you love to see other people move to the sound of Latin music, you can simply sit at a high table and enjoy and good cocktail.

6. Gorilla

The venue is very versatile as here you can eat, drink good gin at the Gin Parlor and take part in some amazing parties. The place on Whitworth Street used to be the most experimental venue and it went by the name of the Green Room. With its current format, Gorilla is a hit and people are coming in high numbers.

7. The Alchemist

The Alchemist is owned by Living Ventures, a restaurant group. Even so, there is nothing basic about this bar. Quite on the contrary, it has a very creative list of drinks and food. The bartenders are picked from the finest and if the music does not get you going, they sure will.

8. The Gas Lamp

You might not feel very tempted to venture downstairs to the Gas Lamp bar, but know that you are safe. Even though the place is made up to look like a 1970s horror film. We actually mean that in a good way. It has a lot of character and a very strong appeal. Once you get down there and you manage to shake off the awe, reward yourself with a good beer.

9. The Temple

Let’s get this out in the open. The place used to be an old Victorian toilet, turned into a bar. Now that we got that out of the way, know that you can go there for good beer, great music from local bands and a very relaxed atmosphere. But we know you will mainly go there to see how it used to be a Victorian toilet so we’ll just let you get that out of the way.
You can choose to go out to have a special kind of drink, celebrate a special occasion or simply break the monotonous routine. If you are travelling to Manchester, you might want to see how the people there spend their free time and how they have fun. Going to a bar is something a bit more exciting that going to a restaurant, but not as consuming as going to a club. So have any of our 9 bars of Manchester caught your eye so far? Or do you need to study the issue on site?