7 Best Restaurants in Liverpool for a Fancy Dinner and a Nice Night Out

Fine Dining Options in Liverpool

If you find yourself in Liverpool and you need to plan a fancy dinner or if you simply want to make a special occasion out of a night out, you should go to a nice restaurant. There are a lot of options so we were afraid you might feel confused and uncertain. This is why we compiled this list with 7 of the best Liverpool restaurants. They have made it on the list due to customer reviews and the reviews of food critics and food bloggers. If you spend enough time in Liverpool, you can make a list of your own. But up till that moment, you can simply rely on our own selection.

7 of the best restaurants in Liverpool

The London Carriage Works

The London Carriage Works restaurant in Liverpool – Image source: http://www.geograph.org.uk/

This is a multi award winning restaurant built in 1866. As the name suggests, the company was initially a carriage building one. It is now considered a cornerstone of the Liverpool restaurant scene. The director and chef is Paul Askew, the chairman of the Liverpool Restaurant Association.
There is a clear preference for fresh and local produce at the London Carriage Works, and this is a fact dealt with great pride as the menu expands on all of the ingredients and gives you a very colorful presentation even before you actually see the dishes.

Panoramic 34

View from the Panoramic 34 restaurant – Image source: http://www.panoramic34.com/

Panoramic 34 is located at the 34th floor of the West Tower, 300 feet above sea level. It offers an amazing panoramic view of the city at 360o. The menu matches the view in the sense that it is spectacular to say the least.
But if you are not necessarily looking for a big dinner and you would still like to enjoy the view, you can book a seat and go for a cocktail or an afternoon tea with finger sandwiches and pastries. We know you will enjoy the view from the ceiling to the floor windows.


Dish served at the Puschka restaurant – Image source: http://puschka.co.uk/

Puschka is a contemporary restaurant with a lot to offer to any foodie, with a reputation of offering a magnificent meal and an extraordinary dining experience. The menu is eclectic and very creative so your taste buds will go off on a journey of their own. The place is family owned and it has a bohemian feel about it. There is a reasonably priced wine list and the desserts are quite expertly made. If you are trying to impress someone, Puschka will speak for you as its stylish charm is undeniable.


Inside the Lunya restaurant in Liverpool – Image source: http://lunya.co.uk/liverpool/

Lunya is actually a Catalan deli and restaurant. There is another one in Manchester as well. How come it made it on our list? Because the food here is so appreciated that we were sure you will agree. The place opened in 2010 in an 18th century warehouse on College Lane.
It has a beautifully decorated downstairs bar, while the upstairs part of the restaurant preserves intact the original walls and oak beams of the warehouse.

Da Mount Gurkha

This is a place with terrific reviews. It is a Nepalese restaurant with dishes so delicious that it will make you want to come back for more, even if they move the place to the highest peaks of the Himalayas.
Everything is well priced and very tasty and, assuming that you are not used to Nepalese food, incredibly new and addictive. You will experience such unique combinations of taste and textures that we do not want to spoil your surprise. Simply make the trip over to the restaurant and see for yourself.

Marco Pierre White Steakhouse, Bar and Grill

Inside the Marco Pierre White Steakhouse, Bar and Grill – Image source: http://www.mpwrestaurants.co.uk/

This is another chain of restaurants and one you can put down as a great option for a meal any time you come across it in the UK. The Liverpool place, though, has recently undergone some design changes and it now honors the industrial heritage of its location. You can take your time and sit through a nice long meal, but this is also the place to be if you are in a hurry, in need of a sandwich, a salad, a coffee, or some dessert. Simple, yet delicious meals in a beautiful setting and at accessible prices. What else can you ask for from a restaurant?


Talk about some unusual eats in the heart of Liverpool. Grilla offers interesting Mediterranean and Scandinavian dishes. Intrigued yet? Great! Then know that whatever you choose on the menu and no matter how much you like it, you will still feel food envy for whatever is on the plate of your dinner partner. You have been warned!
Every real foodie has one of these lists prepared for any city he/she visits. It is the joy of discovering a restaurant with a nice interior, friendly staff and amazing food. So we decided to go ahead and prepare such a list for Liverpool restaurants.
These are general opinions and it is always wise to test them for yourself. See how many of the restaurants on our list remain in your opinion as Liverpool’s finst, and which of them get knocked off by some of your own discoveries. After all, this is what travelling is all about.