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How much do you know about food and drink in the UK?

How much do you think you know about food and drinks in the UK? Enough as to make an itinerary to all of the biggest food festivals or to the oldest pubs? Do you at least know which are the most popular London pubs? We are talking about the ones tourists swarm to the most. Would you know what traditional dishes to eat to find out how people here do it compared to foreign chefs? Or could you recommend an elegant London tea room, a throbbing Manchester bar or a Liverpool fancy restaurant to someone on the street? There is a lot to see around you and an awful lot to taste. This makes choosing a place for your next meal a bigger decision than you thought. And it goes double when you are visiting the UK for the first time.

Why should you read these articles?

Who are you? You are a traveler trying to learn as much as possible about the UK and its inhabitants. Pubs, bars and restaurants are important because they provide an inside to social life and it shows you the places where people used to gather to talk and be merry. You are also a foodie. Probably the kind of person who feels the need to gnaw on something only by thinking about our article on traditional dishes. We know. We found it difficult ourselves. You are a traveler who has a chance to see more than just London. If you find yourself in Liverpool, Manchester or in other cities of the UK, we got you covered.
But you are also a UK citizen. You too can lose track of what is cool, what is new, what is popular. With food trends changing so often and venues opening and closing all the time, it is difficult to keep track of these things without some help from the Internet. And the help now comes in the form of our articles. Also, as far as the historical landmarks are concerned, we know that some tourists going on all these tours will have more information than locals. Therefore, we wrote the article on the competition for the title of oldest British pub thinking of the locals who are often discouraged by the big groups of tourists and put off discovering the beauties of their own country.

Mission statement

Whether you are a tourist trying to maximize the UK experience, or a Brit trying to reconnect to society, these articles are the cherry on top of what is happening on the British food scene. London is in the limelight, granted. But what other city could have been more at the center of British traditions such as afternoon tea.
So when you are traveling through the UK, or when you are taking a walk through London, if you happen to come across one of the places mentioned in these articles or if you find a special dish in a menu, you will be equipped with the information to make a choice. And this is our mission.