Top 4 traditional English foods you should try

English food is very famous all over the world now. Though many people consider it to be too boring compared to the spicy curries in Thailand, people still find something comforting in English foods. Here are four best traditional English foods that you must try.

Fish and chips

This was the only food that was not rationed in England during the Second World War. It is made by coating haddock or cod in batter and then deep frying the batter until it turns crispy. The fish inside turns out to be soft. Fried chips and peas accompany the fish.

Bangers and mash

This food is sausages that are cooked or fried in the oven. It is served with mashed potato that has lots of butter and milk in it. Traditionally it was served with fried onions on top, and then some gravy was poured. It is a great dish for a rainy day.

Bread and butter pudding

English loves desserts. In the past, this meal was prepared by the poorer families from leftover stale bread. It is made by steaming the bread, and then layering it with dried fruit and sultanas. This is soaked in all milk and then baked in an oven.

Roast dinner

This dish consists of roasted meat, mashed potatoes, vegetables, Yorkshire puddings, and stuffing. In the past, it was served as a main dish on Sundays. Now it is eaten on any day.

These traditional English foods are still popular. People have them for special occasions. You can find these dishes in non-English restaurants all over the world as well.